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The adoption process can be exciting for couples who wish to expand their families. It is important, however, to ensure that all of the necessary legal issues are taken care of and that the adoption protects your rights and the rights of the child. By having an experienced family lawyer on your side, you can get the answers you need to feel confident about the future of your family. Allen & Abaray, P.A. has served the needs of families throughout Central Florida. If you are contemplating adoption, get the guidance you need and discuss your concerns with an attorney who has your best interests in mind. We work with birth mothers and fathers, stepparents, grandparents and other relatives in the adoption process and is attentive to the unique needs and circumstances of each of our clients.

Types of Adoptions

Our firm handles the follow types of adoption:

  • Open and closed adoptions, both private and agency

  • Voluntary and involuntary adoptions

  • Stepparent and stepchild adoptions

  • Relative and grandparent adoptions

Termination of Parental Rights

In some cases, the termination of parental rights may be necessary in order to complete the adoption. When an adoption is contested by a biological parent, we can effectively handle the difficult issues and explain why it is best for the child to be adopted. In every case, the goal of the adoption process is to create a permanent, stable home for the child.

Step Parent Adoptions

Our firm has handled stepparent adoptions and seen the incredible impact and purpose it has for a family. If you are married and your child views your spouse as their parent, then you are probably wanting to pursue a stepparent adoption action. Whether you were previously married or had a child out of wedlock, and the other parent has not been in your child's life, then your current spouse and you may have discussed a stepparent adoption.

There are a few steps in getting a stepparent adoption and it is wise to discuss your case with an attorney that has experience in the area. However, to bring a few important issues to light I will explain the process.

  1. If you are the Mother of a child and have not spoken to the child's father or have no way of contacting the child's father, then you may have to do a request into the Office of Vital Statistics Putative Father Registry. If no one has claimed that he may be the father of your child, then you will receive a certificate stating such.

  2. An Affidavit of Diligent Search may need to be filed with the Court, which proves that you have looked for the other parent and have been unable to locate him/her.

  3. If you do know where the other parent is, then he/she may voluntarily consent to the Termination of Parental Rights.

  4. If the other parent refuses to consent, but has been absent from the Child's life for an extensive period of time, then you may file a Petition for Termination of Parental Rights that lays out the groundwork for why his/her rights should be terminated.

  5. Once any or all of the above is completed, then you can file a petition for stepparent adoption.
    In so doing, the stepparent is basically telling the court that she/he will be responsible for the welfare and financial responsibilities of the Child. That she/he understands and consents to the Child having the right to claim to be his/her natural child for purposes of inheritance. That she/he has the financial ability to provide for the Child now and even if the parties (husband and wife) were to divorce.
    It's an amazing process. While it sounds difficult due to the actions needed in steps 1 through 4, it is often quite simple and painless for the parties seeking the action. The reality is that the Court wants to know that the actions are in the best interest of the child. It is always better for a child to have two parents when available.

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If you have questions or you have already made the decision to adopt a child, talk with a lawyer first about your rights and how I can help guide you through the process in an efficient and effective manner. Contact Allen & Abaray, P.A. to schedule an initial consultation.


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