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Construction Accident

Lakeland Construction Accident Attorneys | Winter Haven Injury Lawyer

One of the most dangerous places to work in Florida are Central Florida construction sites. All construction sites are required to have certain safety equipment and procedures in place to minimize construction accidents, but they still occur, generally because of the negligence of another construction worker or the foreman. The most common types of accidents which would require a construction accident attorney are those in which an employee slips and falls, construction material falls on a construction worker, negligent operation of industrial machinery, such as a crane which injures other workers, malfunctioning industrial tools which may or may not have a defective product, as well as safety lines worn by the construction workers which fail. These construction accident injuries may be so severe that they may ultimately result in a work site wrongful death action. If a loved one was killed on a construction site, the family members should contact Allen & Abaray, P.A. and discuss the events of this accidental death.

Most construction sites are very noisy, and everyone on the construction site is under time pressure to finish their job as set by the construction foreman. Most construction site accidents occur where someone attempts to cut-corners to save on time resulting in unsafe working conditions. Because of the size and strength of most equipment on construction sites, even a slight miscalculation could result in a construction worker suffering serious injuries. Whether the accident results in an amputation, brain injuries or spinal cord injuries, it is important to speak with an attorney to discuss the events of your accident so we may help you to recover compensation for your injuries.

Common Construction Site Injuries

The types of injuries which can result from a construction accident include:

  • Brain injuries;
  • Broken bones;
  • Electrical burns;
  • Wrongful death;
  • Electrocution;
  • Fire burns;
  • Paralysis; and
  • Spinal cord injuries.

Construction workers who are injured in an accident may be unable to return to work as a construction worker, depending on the severity of their injuries. As with all major accidents, the worker will have expensive medical costs, surgeries, and medications. While you are unable to return to work, you will have lost-wages, and your injuries may be so severe as to prevent ever working on another construction job site. You shouldn't attempt to tackle this alone. Our attorneys will guide you through the process in obtaining compensation for your injuries.

The experienced Lakeland personal injury attorneys at Allen & Abaray, P.A. aggressively pursue accident injury cases throughout the state of Florida. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, truck accident, slip and fall accident, or have suffered any type of injury because of someone else's negligence, call 1-863-669-9999 today for a free consultation.

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