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Consumers place their trust in manufacturers, drug companies, and research centers to provide adequate safety information and health standards for the use of certain prescription drugs. When a patient is prescribed a particular drug, they place their hope in the fact that the doctor is aware of the risks and potential effects of that drug. Unfortunately, despite drug research and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) trials and approval of these drugs, hundreds and even thousands of people die from unknown side-effects which may result in a wrongful death case.

New prescription and over the counter drugs enter the market each day and claim to be safe and effective in aiding people who seek to combat a particular disease or ailments.  Additionally, drug companies seek to maximize their profits, and they manage to do this by fully understanding the testing process of their drugs, where the faster they can seek approval of their drug, the faster they can begin selling it to customers.  Unfortunately for the users of these drugs, the full ramifications or long-term side-effects of these drugs is never fully known.  Many of these drugs are dangerous and seriously injure those who are taking them.

There have been many people who have taken drugs which have been subsequently recalled because the FDA has determined that they pose more of a risk to the general population than they were benefiting.  These drugs are often recalled after it is observed that people who have been taking that drug for many years develop long term side-effects, which were not presently observable.  If you were one of the first people to be taking a drug, the dangerous drugs may have already negatively impacted you, where simply discontinuing the use of these drugs will not make you better.  You should be able to receive compensation for the side effects these dangerous drugs caused to you, which may include the shortening of your lifespan.

Recalled Dangerous Drugs 

Users of medication should be weary of the following drugs which have been reported as recall drugs.  Some of the most common dangerous drugs which have caused life altering side effects and / or injuries include:

This is a small list of some of the Dangerous Drugs available to potential injury victims.  If you are taking or have ever taken any of these drugs, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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