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Dangerous Drugs Duract

Duract was recalled on June 22, 1998 after cases of rare severe hepatitis and liver failure that sometimes require transplantation was reported in patients taking Duract for more than 10 days. Duract is an NSAID that was approved in July 1997 for short-term management of acute pain and was never approved for longer-term use. A Duract label change had been made February 10, 1998 to warn of the serious risks associated to the analgesic.

At the time of the Duract withdrawal the FDA had received reports of 4 deaths, 8 patients who survives but required liver transplant, and 12 other patients with serious but less severe liver damage. Later, more Duract adverse effects and fatalities were discovered to have occurred.

Duract Side Effects

Serious health problems have been associated with long term use of Duract. People who have used Duract for a long period of time may have increased liver enzymes, which may lead to hepatitis or liver failure. Many people who used Duract have died while others have experienced liver problems, undergone liver transplants, and suffered from other health problems. The following are symptoms of liver problems:

  • Dark coloration of the urine
  • Yellow coloration to the whites of the eyes
  • Pain on the right side below the rib cage
  • Lack of appetite
  • Yellow coloration of the skin
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

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