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Defective Product Fuel lines

Following a collision or rollover accident, a fuel fed fire can increase the likelihood of serious injury or death for drivers, passengers, or people nearby. Fires may be intensified by leaking fuel from ruptured or punctured gas tanks and can cause serious harm to persons involved in the accident. Accidents of all types can cause fuel to spill, which may lead to a devastating fire. It is the responsibility of parts and vehicle manufacturers to make sure that consumers are adequately protected from fuel leaks that can turn dangerous in the event of a collision.

Whether the accident was a front-end, rear-end, side –impact, or rollover accident, fuel leakage can lead to a very dangerous fuel-fed fire. Common causes of such fires include:

  • Punctured fuel tank
  • Fuel tank tears
  • Separation of the filter pipe
  • Fuel line separation
  • Separation of fuel cap
  • Hydrostatic burst

Fuel tank and automobile manufacturers have a responsibility to the consumer to make sure that fuel tanks, lines, caps, and safety systems are properly manufactured and installed. If a part is defective or fails to work in the intended manner, the manufacturer may be held liable for any resulting injuries.

Common locations of fuel-fires

Fuel-fed fires commonly occur:

  • Under the floor beneath the vehicle’s trunk
  • Near the electric fuel pump
  • At the fuel tank’s seam weld
  • At or near a puncture in the fuel tank
  • At the site of separated fuel lines

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