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Marital Settlement Agreements

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Why Marital Settlement Settlements?

As a prospective client, you know that fastest, least costly and least emotionally draining way to resolve a divorce or family law matter is by entering into a Settlement Agreement. We’re sure you've heard of people who were divorce in 3 weeks because they agreed on everything involved in their divorce. The process was quick and relatively painless. So you are coming to see a lawyer to draw up a Settlement Agreement for your divorce, but you have forgotten one very important thing ... do you and your spouse agree to everything in your divorce. Have you sat down together and talked and decided how the assets and debts are going to be divided? Have you decided on a particular Parenting Plan if the two of you have children? Have the two of you discussed child support - who is paying how much and to whom? And do you agree on all these issues? If you haven't discussed these things - now is the time.

What is in a Marital Settlement Agreement?

For your understanding, a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) contains all the terms of your settlement and essentially your divorce. Every issue in your divorce, such as parenting-time, support and property, should be addressed. This written and signed contractual agreement is attached later to the Final Judgment and submitted to the court for its signature. As your attorneys, we will prepare, review and revise the Marital Settlement Agreement. we will make sure you understand and confirm that all the terms included in the MSA, and you are satisfied with the language used. We will encourage you to ask more questions until you are comfortable that the terms as is written in the MSA are the ones you agreed to with your spouse. We will also makes sure one spouse does not coerce you into an agreement that is not in your best interest.

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