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Pharmacy Negligence

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Everyone knows that if the wrong person takes a drug they may experience serious complications, including wrongful death.  A child who climbs into the medicine cabinet may swallow a pill that is not meant for them.  That scenario needs to be guarded against by the parents to help eliminate the risk, but what if you unknowingly give the wrong drug to your child?  What if you take a drug that wasn’t meant for you by accident?  You may have done everything right but someone else’s negligence could cause you serious injury.  

In some cases this negligence can fall on one of two parties.  Pharmaceutical companies or your local pharmacy may be the culprit.  Due to processing errors these entities could mislabel a product, provide the wrong dosage or simply place the wrong medicine into the container.  

Even though the pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists normally do the job correctly you need to help prevent yourself from being harmed.  Check the labels and confirm dosages with your doctor or pharmacist.  Make sure your pills look the same as the last batch if you’re refilling a prescription. 

If you or a loved one is injured by a drug that was administered incorrectly, you need to contact an attorney right away.  At Allen & Abaray, P.A. we have successfully handled pharmaceutical negligence cases.  Our experience and resources are available to families that needs representation to repair damage that may have been done.

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