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Railroad Accidents

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The railroad industry has been plagued with safety problems since the first locomotive was built in America in 1831. While some of these safety problems have been resolved, the Railroad Industry has been unable to implement a safety policy that works. Although some of the problems that the industry faces are external, there are a number of precautions that could, and should, be taken to safeguard railroad employees and passengers. With this is mind, the federal government has enacted numerous laws that require the industry to abide by certain safety standards. These laws were designed to prevent and, in the event of an injury, prescribe legal remedies for any safety violations.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) there are approximately 3,000 railroad related injuries a year and 1,000 of these injuries result in death. Some believe that this high number of railroad accidents is a result of the railroad industry cutting costs on the safety budget. Although there are a number of arguments that could be made, the fact is that every year, innocent people are seriously injured and many lose their lives due to negligence. 

A railroad accident lawyer can help you recover damages for your railroad accident injuries. A railroad lawyer is experienced in cases involving injuries or deaths and trains. The railroad lawyer must know the Federal Railroad Administration regulations (FRA) in order to properly represent his clients. A personal injury lawyer that is not familiar with the Federal Railroad Administration regulations will not be able to get the best outcome possible for his clients.

The rules set by the FRA are complex and specialized. They may involve railway safety, passenger safety, freight issues, accessibility concerns, and all manner of particular regulation.

A railroad's legal responsibilities to injured motorists and pedestrians will depend upon the factual circumstances of the actual train accident. Usually pedestrian and motorist claims against railroads will be decided under the negligence laws of the state where the accident occurred.

For example, for injuries occurring at railroad/roadway crossings, the general rule is that cars must yield and trains have the right of way. Individual circumstances may change or increase a railroad's duties. For that reason you should always contact an experienced attorney if you have been injured in a train accident.

Our lawyers and attorneys practicing in the field of accident law and specializing in train/railroad accident litigations are willing and able to take on any case relevant to railroad accidents.

Issues and topics related to Railroad Accidents include:

  • Train Derailments
  • Collisions
  • Railroad Accidents
  • Car/Train Collisions
  • Railroad Crossing Malfunctions

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