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The recent construction development in Florida has affected our natural resources (i.e. use of groundwater, construction of storm ponds or diversion of surface water). It is for this reason that sinkholes have become more readily apparent in the past few years. Should you believe that your home or business has been affected by a sinkhole, your insurance company has a statutory duty to promptly and properly investigate your sinkhole claim.

The first step involves inspection at your property by the insurance adjuster and if the adjuster believes that the damages noted could possibly be caused by a sinkhole, then they must conduct the second step which is additional engineering testing by a qualified and licensed geo-technical engineer.

Be careful, there are many pitfalls in dealing with your insurance company, which may include denying coverage for your claim, denying you the fair market value for repairs you deserve, recommending insufficient repair/remediation construction for the home, or even delaying the evaluation of your claim. Your insurance company oftentimes retains experts that they believe will not find sinkhole activity and instead find that your damages were caused by something other than a sinkhole and deny your claim. We will find and retain, at our expense, qualified experts to combat the insurance company. Sinkhole claims are highly specialized claims that need experience and expertise to deal with the high powered insurance company. At Allen & Abaray, P.A., we are those attorneys.

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