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Whenever a person is arrested, an amount of money, called a bond, a bail, or a bail bond, can be posted as insurance that the defendant will appear for court when necessary. The amount of these bonds varies widely depending upon the defendant’s prior record, ties to the local community, severity of the offense, risk of flight, et cetera. The courts usually determine the amount of your bond by referring to a bond schedule, which is nothing more than a list of the customary bonds for various offenses.

A defendant can either post the bond in cash at the jail, or contract with a bail bondsman who will charge a fee, and sometimes require collateral, in exchange for posting your bail. At the end of a case, a cash bond is returned to the person that posted it, less any court costs, fines or other fees the court deems appropriate. If a bail bondsman was used, no money will be returned, but the collateral given for the bond, if any, will be returned to the person that posted it.

Standard Bond Schedule
Capital Felony (FC)No Bond
Life Felony (LC)No Bond
1st Degree Felony (F1)$15,000
2nd Degree Felony (F2)$5,000
3rd Degree Felony (F3)$1,000
1st Degree Misdemeanor (M1)$500
2nd Degree Misdemeanor (M2)$250
Domestic Violence (DV)No Bond

However, in certain serious offenses, and violations of probation the court can refuse to set a bond, or it may set a very high bond, meaning that the defendant must stay in jail awaiting the resolution of the case. In those cases, the only way out of jail without entering a plea is to have an experience criminal defense attorney file a bond motion and convince the judge to set a reasonable bond, or even release you on your own recognizance (ROR).

When you need a bond set or lowered, or want an ROR, you need experienced Florida bond hearing attorneys to fight for your right to be free on a reasonable bail.


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