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Causes And Symptoms Of Closed Head Injuries

A traumatic brain injury typically results from a skull fracture and profuse bleeding. The injured person and emergency medical personnel can see that a head injury has occurred and treatment is usually prompt. A closed head injury, on the other hand, is more subtle. There may be no skull fracture or visible bleeding. Because of this lack of external symptoms, closed head injuries can go undiagnosed, resulting in even more serious brain damage, even death. The most common cause of head injuries is motor vehicle accidents — being rear-ended in a car accident and suffering whiplash is one example. Falls is the second most common cause of closed head injury and concussion, especially falls from heights, falls in recreational accidents, and diving accidents.

How The Brain Is Damaged With A Closed Head Injury

When the head is struck by a blunt force or a sudden, violent movement, the brain moves within the skull. This sudden, forceful movement can create microscopic tears in the brain tissue. It can rupture blood vessels, causing brain bleeds. As the brain hits the skull, it becomes bruised, leading to swelling and pressure, causing neural damage.

Symptoms Of A Closed Head Injury

  • Headaches
  • Dazed or confused expression
  • Being tired, gradually losing consciousness and coma
  • Unequal pupils
  • Weakness, especially weakness on one side of the body
  • Vomiting

Proving Your Case For Compensation After A Closed Head Injury

The attorneys at Allen & Abaray, P.A., have been litigating closed head injury cases for many years. We have seen first-hand the life-altering consequences of a closed head injury and its resulting brain damage.

We work with medical specialists in head injuries and head injury recovery. We work with life care planners to understand the scope of our clients’ needs throughout his or her lifetime. We work with economists to understand the financial impact these injuries may have — loss of income and earning potential, job retraining or educational assistance, skilled attendant care, future medical care and other necessary expenses. Our job is to ensure the responsible party is held accountable and to secure full and fair compensation.


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