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One of the most traumatic injuries anyone can suffer are burn injuries. The number of burn injuries in the United States have been steadily increasing which resulting in a major health risk and obstacle because of the range of burn injuries, the most significant resulting in wrongful death. Burn injuries have been determined to be one of the most emotional types of injuries because unlike physical injuries, they often have lifelong emotional effects which may dramatically impact those who have been involved in accidents resulting in their burn injuries.  Our burn injury attorneys are experienced in representing clients who have suffered all ranges of burns from first degree burns to third degree burns.

One of the most important things which must be done after your accident which resulted in your burn injuries is proper medical treatment by specialists of burn injuries.  Unfortunately, there are not a lot of hospitals and treatment centers in the Central Florida area who specialize in burns and burn injuries from which you may receive the best medical treatment.  Our attorneys can assist you in locating the closest and best medical center for your particular burn injuries such as melted or burned skin, nerve damage, scaring or the loss of the ability to sweat.

Burn Injury Statistics

Various reports and studies indicate that nearly half of all burn injuries were preventable.  It is important to educate children about the dangers of fire because nearly 10% of all building fire deaths are caused by a child.  In addition to these fatal burn injuries, there are nearly 2.5 million burs reported every year in the United States.  Of those burn injuries, about 750,000 of them were treated by a medical professional at a hospital and 75,000 people suffered such severe injuries that they were hospitalized for an extended stay.  Approximately 10,000 burn victims will die from the injuries suffered in the fire, while an additional 1,000,000 people will have severe or permanent injuries.

While the number of burn victims is significantly higher than reported cases, from such minor burns as sun burns, coffee burns, etc., below are statistics on reported cases of burn injuries:

  • Children under two years of age are the most frequently admitted to a hospital for a burn injury;

  • Burn injuries for children under four years of age occur most frequently in the kitchen;

  • The second most common burn location for children four years of age and under is the bathroom;

  • Both car accidents and burn injuries area common cause of accidental deaths;

  • For people aged five to seventy-four receive most burn injuries outside of their home, and second most from kitchen accidents;

  • The number one cause of accidental death for children 14 and under are fire and related burn injuries;

  • 40% of burns suffered by children aged 14 and under are scalds;

  • People aged seventy-five and older are most at risk to be killed in a house fire;

  • High-voltage accidents account for only 3% of burn injuries; and

  • A burn injury covering 30% of someone’s body can cost upwards of $200,000 for the initial medical treatment.


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