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What Is Crashworthiness?

Crashworthiness is the ability a vehicle has to prevent the occupants from becoming injured if a collision takes place. It focuses on what could happen if the driver and passengers in the car are thrown against its interior, and the cause of the collision itself is generally felt to be somewhat irrelevant in such a case. The main consideration here is that the vehicle lacked some feature that could have lessened or prevented the riders’ injuries, indicating that the manufacturer is liable for damages.

However, crashworthiness has a narrower scope that the umbrella term “vehicle safety,” which also includes the accident-avoidance features a car may have, including wider tires and antilock brakes. Its crashworthiness features—such as seat belts, headrests, side-impact protection, crumple zones, and roll bars—are intended to keep occupant injuries at a minimum. They are also designed to prevent ejection of the riders from the vehicle and lessen the possibility of the car catching fire in the event of an accident.

Crashworthy Cases Have Three Categories:

  1. Assembly line production failure. For instance the manufacturer fails to install an airbag when the original design requires it.
  2. Manufacturer’s design is defective. For instance placing the gas tank where it can easily explode in a collision.
  3. Manufacturer’s failure to warn. For instance, the manufacturer fails to warn owners of a known dangerous condition.

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