Divorced with Children? A Parenting Plan Can Help You Survive the Holidays

November 10, 2021
Divorced with Children? A Parenting Plan Can Help You Survive the Holidays

The holidays are a time for traditions and joyous family celebrations. However, as the festivities approach, divorced parents often anticipate stress and frustration about the challenges of co-parenting and navigating the intricacies of travel, gift buying, and visitation of their child.


There are many ways to divide and share visitation of your child with your ex-spouse, based on the parents’ personal preferences and religious choices. Parents may create a permanent schedule of splitting the holidays, having a fixed schedule, or rotating every year. Parents living near each other may find it easier to find a workable solution, such as splitting the day. Parents living far apart or in different states have to rotate holiday breaks and agree on travel plans. Either way, co-parenting should be collaborative, remembering that the holidays are about providing a positive experience for the child.


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An important part of the divorce documents is the parenting/timesharing plan to guide visitation during the holidays. The court recognizes that holidays carry an emotional significance, and children benefit from bonding with both parents during these times. However, if the plan is unclear, or if either parent disagrees with the terms, it is in the family’s best interest to have an experienced family law attorney help you through the process. At the Law Offices of Allen & Abaray, our focus in any custody or visitation dispute is to provide the best possible outcome.


Parenting Plan Modifications


When a compromise between parents is impossible, the disagreeing parent can petition the court to modify the parenting plan. A Florida family law judge will grant a modification only when a family’s circumstances have significantly changed or are in the best interests of a child. (Florida Statute 61.13 (3).


There are various reasons to seek a modification, including:


  • The child has outgrown the parenting plan arrangement
  • Parental relocation
  • Domestic violence issues
  • Abuse, neglect, or abandonment of a child
  • Parental conviction and incarceration
  • Severe physical or mental illness of a parent
  • Special needs of a child


From a Child’s Perspective


For a child with divorced parents, the holidays can be overwhelming, even in the best of circumstances. Having two sets of families means a child may attend multiple family events in one day. They may have a sense of guilt about leaving a parent home alone on a significant holiday while with the other family. A child must have a meaningful relationship with both parents to promote positive growth and development. The holidays are a time to put aside your differences with your ex-spouse. The focus should be to create a loving and conflict-free environment for your child.


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Navigating the post-divorce world during the holidays can bring forth many unforeseen challenges. If you find your child custody and parenting plan is no longer suitable, we can help. Let us revisit your parenting plan, discuss the options, and seek modifications in family court. Our goal is to reduce holiday disputes and tensions over child custody and visitation matters. In addition to modifications, our experienced legal team handles all aspects of divorce, including alimony, child support, marital settlement agreements, prenuptial agreements, termination of parental rights, injunctions, and more.


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