Hiring Your Personal Injury Attorney in Florida After a Car Accident

February 26, 2021
Hiring Your Personal Injury Attorney in Florida After a Car Accident

If you were injured in a Florida car accident and understood that you wouldn’t pay a dime in attorney’s fees unless you collected damages, surely you wouldn’t go unrepresented. Not when you also understood how much more you were likely to collect if you had competent representation.

The attorneys of Allen & Abaray are your proven choice to guide you, fight for you and win for you. If you’ve suffered an auto accident personal injury, Allen & Abaray are the right choice.

You don’t pay unless you collect. Period. And when you do win, Allen & Abaray operates on a standard contingency contract as set by the Florida Bar. That means you pay only a regulated percentage of what you’re awarded in damages. There’s no gouging whatsoever.

Simply put, hiring a personal injury lawyer if you’re involved in a Florida car accident is likely to be one of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make. If you were in Kansas City, you would hire a Kansas City personal injury attorney – likewise it makes sense to hire a Florida car accident attorney if you are in Florida. Make the wrong choice, and it could cost you very dearly.

Why Hiring a Florida Personal Injury Attorney Is the Only Smart Play

You may ask yourself if hiring an attorney will be worth the fees. Is this a smart investment?

Consider a study of more than 6,000 auto injury accident cases by the All Industry Research Advisory Council (ARAC). They found that those people with legal counsel received, on average, 40 percent more than those who did not seek legal representation.

And the Insurance Research Council (IRC) concluded that 85 percent of all auto accident injury settlement payments went to victims who were represented by a lawyer. They also found that those who had legal representation received three times higher settlement amounts than those who didn’t.

Why Choose the Injury Lawyers at Allen & Abaray?

  • No fees whatsoever unless we recover money for you. We front all of the costs associated with your case.
  • The Law Office of Allen Abaray uses A Florida Bar regulated contingency contract. You pay a percentage of your ultimate settlement, but only when you win. You don’t have to come out of pocket until you win, which can be very helpful at a time when you might be overwhelmed by medical bills and may not be able to work.
  • We’ll obtain all medical records, all insurance information and all pertinent data related to your personal injury case. We do the work so that you don’t have to worry about it.
  • We know how to accurately calculate pain and suffering. We’ll figure out your actual damages, including your medical bills, and lost wages and we’ll help to get an accurate diagnosis of the severity of your injury. Based on those findings, we’ll win a fair and just settlement and nothing less.
  • We are experienced with the local laws that will govern your personal injury case. We’ve spent our entire careers understanding the uniqueness of Florida car accident and personal injury law. It would be a big mistake to think you can learn that thoroughly on your own in a short amount of time.
  • We know the insurance company tactics and how to combat them. Don’t let the insurance companies intimidate you. And don’t think for a second that they won’t try. We’ll handle the fight for you.
  • We can identify negligent parties and hold them responsible. We’ll uncover all of the data and evidence that will accurately identify who is at fault, and then we’ll pursue damages to the fullest extent.
  • We have experience addressing the long-term effects of personal injury. Don’t fail to consider your future. We’ll work with your medical team to evaluate the potential for long-term medical care costs and lost wages so that you’re not left to suffer financially down the road.

Don’t make the mistake of going it alone. And understand that not all car accident attorneys are created equal. You need experienced and competent representation.

You need Allen & Abaray.

Let us work for you. Let us win for you. Contact us today.

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